About – Business Development Coaching

The Coaching Series is developed for those real estate brokers with a desire to increase business. It is assumed that these brokers have completed several transactions and have been licensed for a period of time. The program will break through limiting beliefs and create strategies to overcome other obstacles that have held business growth and development back. Through weekly group sessions and using the models and systems from Millionaire Real Estate Agent, BOLD, Career Growth Initiative, IGNITE, LEAD GENERATION – 36:12:3 and the Mastery Series, brokers will develop step by step business plans to achieve their business goals.

My Mission Statement:

To move you from where you are to where you want to be quickly and efficiently. Using the Keller Williams models and business building strategies you will focus on the ONE thing and ask GREAT questions in order to get you to your goal. I am committed to your success and wealth by providing a place and environment to experiment and practice the skills necessary to succeed and the accountability to inspire courage and passion to achieve excellence.

VISION: The Business Development Program is the ONE Thing at Keller Williams Clients’ Choice Realty responsible for developing Brokers’ businesses by guiding them into a highly successful career and business. This is being done Using the Keller Williams models and business building strategies such as IGNITE, 26:12:3 and BOLD. The end result is to have doubled a minimum of 20 broker’s businesses thus maintaining a reputation of growing businesses worth owning.

I am a fearless self-starter. Having never met a stranger, I’m driven to maximize the results and the experience. I effectively communicate the idea and vision clearly in order to move people forward.